Monday, April 21, 2008

REDMA 2008 winners

Last weekend on saturday april 19th, the crew from Ravelex has trown a big massive party called Ravelex Electronic Dance Music Awards (REDMA) 2008 at X2 Club Plaza Senayan, Jakarta. The party started about 21.00 pm for the awarding ceremony in Equinox room. as the ceremony started by MC 69 and Lil' R from Clubhoppers (Indika FM) the crowd is getting packed. Everyone was gathered around at that nite, the EO's, DJ's, Party Promotors, Medias, and everyone who has been involved in Indonesia's Dance Industry. The first session winners of the nominees been announced, time for Agrikulture DJ Set hit the deck. they played about 4-5 songs until the music suddenly stopped and DJ Anton (Future10) is honoured for REDMA Lifetime Achievement 2008 for his more of 10 years appreciation in Indonesia's Party & Dance Scene.

The MC's back announcing for the few next categories in session two, until Javabass Crew (DJ Jerome & FanDFMC) up on the deck and twisting the crowd away with pumping Jungle/Drum 'n Bass tunes. The crowd was screaming, dancing the nite aways. After the performance of Javabass Crew, was the next session of ceremony, more categories announced, more winners revealed. At that time the crowd is already in front of the stage, and everyone so exciting until Electronic Groove Live taken control playing some wicked experimental techno - electronica sounds. After them DJ Cream aka EJA came up the deck to giving Equinox the usuall vibe of RnB / Hip Hop as they served there every weekend.

The Ceremony is going down, to the main room of X2 Club, the X2 Room. This session began with the performance of Sparkling Saint Live P.A., the room is already packed, everyone seems having a great time, dancing, celebrating the glory years of Indonesian Dance Scene. Afther the performance of Sparkling Saint Live P.A. the ceremony goes on, and hounoured for DJ Of The Year is DJ DENY (Clubhoppers / Indika FM). Everyone feels the same way, its about time for Deny to take this achievement. The legendary DJ with a low profile and nasty style of tunes, what could be better?

As the party goes on, the crowd is getting more excited, DJ Anton, DJ Naro, and Soulmanellas Live P.A. is performing at X2 main room. And Surabaya, Bali, Bandung, Jogjakarta DJ of the year taking control of the deck in the Vintage Room. The party keeps going crazy on, and on, and on. Overall, its a great party, and hope you guys come again for the next Ravelex Electronic Dance Music Awards, in 2009. Cheers!

This are the winners list of REDMA 2008 :

1. DJ of the year : Deny (Clubhoppers) - 43 %
Runner up : Riri (Spinach Records) - 23%

2. Female DJ of the Year : Milinka (HDM) - 36%
Runner up : Devina (1945MF) - 28%

3. Junior DJ of the year : Dewa (Acid) - 43%
Runner up : Maliki (juice) - 30%

4. Resident DJ of the year : Miko (embassy) - 56%
Runner up : Bobby (Stadium) - 11%

5. International DJ of the year : Gabriel and Dresden @ X2 - 35%

Runner up : Armin Van Buuren @ K7 (Elektra666)


6. Bandung DJ of the year : Didam (Advark) - 34%
Runner up : Iman (1945MF) - 32%

7. Yogyakarta DJ of the Year : Rhino (Reborn) - 38%
Runner up : Dewa (Acid) - 34%

8. Surabaya DJ of the year : PJ (Istara / 1945MF) 40%
Runner up : David (V6) - 33%

9. Bali DJ of the year : Anastasia - 38%
Runner up : Agoeng Zen - 36%


10. HouseDJ of the year : Bhokero (Sound Syndicated) - 48%
Runner up : Jhudet (Adroitz Music) - 20%

11. Electro DJ of the Year : Bone (Spinach Records) - 43%
Runner up : Fadlie (Electrosoul) - 38%

12. Progressive DJ of the year : Deny (Clubhoppers) - 56%
Runner up : Riri (Spinach rec) - 28%

13. Techno DJ of the year : Joevan (Acid / 1945MF) - 38%
Runner up : Alvin K (Mikrochip / DAFKAF) - 28%

14. Trance DJ of the year : Marquee (Synan) - 35%
Runner up : Ade Bro (M1/43) - 30%

15. Drum n Bass DJ of the year : Celcius (Javabass) -37%
Runner up : DMZ (Junglizta) - 25%

16. Alternative DJ of the year : Iman (1945MF Bandung) - 54%
Runner up : Dharma (Echosystem) - 25%


17. Jakarta Club of the year - X2 - 53%
Runner up : Embassy - 18%

18. Bandung Club of the Year : Mansion - 70%
Runner up : Amnesia - 15%

19. Yogyakarta Club of the year : Hugos - 64%
Runner up : Embassy - 20%

20. Surabaya Club of the year : Vertical Six - 71%
Runner up : Colors - 22%

21. Bali Club of the year : Double Six - 54%
Runner up : Dejavu - 43%

22. Club Icon of the year : Dodo (X2) - 43%
Runner up : Susan (Embassy Jakarta) - 22%


23. Festival / Rave of the year : Sundaze (Segarra, Ancol, Adroitz) - 34%
Runner up : Grasshopper (Taman Rasuna, Jakarta, Spinach Rec) - 23%

24. Party of the Year : Universal Religion Tour - Armin van Buuren (Electra666) - 46%
Runner up : Delta Heavy @ stadium (Clubhoppers) - 18%

25. Serial Event of the year : Sundaze (Adroitz Music) - 40%
Runner up : Internatioinal Series (Elektra 666) - 23%

26. Event Organizer of the year : Advark Lab - 43%
Runner up : Adroitz Music - 24%

Other Artists

27. Artist Management of the year : Spinach Records - 37%
Runner up : Future10 (23%)

28. Duo or Group of the Year : Phatt Brothers - 35%
Runner up : Agrikulture (29%)

29. Producer of the year : Innerlight - 43%
Runner up : Riri (34%)

30. MC of the year : Giri (spinach) - 37%
Runner up : Drwe - 23%

31. Visual Jockey of the year : Mocco - 34%
Runner up : Digital Hallucination - 30%


32. Track of the year : When i see the sun at jimbaran (Romy & Didi) - 30%
Runner up : Rusty Guitar (Riri Mestica) - 28%

33. Remix of the Year : Hujan Gerimis - benyamin & ida royani (Nofty) - 40%
Runner up : Kompor Meleduk (Agkrikulture) - 28%

34. Album of the year : Dawai Damai (Agrikulture) - 32%
Runner up : Jakarta Electro Syndicate (Spinach Records) - 28%

35. Video of the year : Gosip (Agrikulture) - 34%
Runner up : Rusty Guitar (Riri) - 30%


36. Radio Show of the year : Oz Discoland (Oz Radio Bandung, Jakarta, Bali) - 40%
Runner up : Clubhoppers (Indika FM) - 24%

37. Magazine of the Year : Juice - 34%
Runner up : Free Magazine - 22%

38. Website of the year : - 38%
Runner up : - 25%

39. Design of the year : Monday (1945MF) - 30%
Runner up : Wizard (Embassy Jogja) - 26%

40. DJ School of the year : Rumus - 38%
Runner up : Spinach Records - 32%

Special Awards :
41. Favorite Club of the year 2008 : X2 - 2562 vote
42. Lifetime achievement 2008 : DJ Anton (future10)



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