Friday, March 7, 2008

REDMA 2008

The biggest annual electronic dance music awards is back!

Celebrating the glorious momments of EDM/Rave/Club scene, is back again this year presenting you an appreciation for our very own local scene. The third edition of Ravelex Electronic Dance Music Awards, or literally well-known as REDMA 2008.

click here for the nominees:

vote your nominees by sending sms!
here's the text format to cast your vote :
SEND TO 3545 (2000/sms)

example :
REDMA 11C to vote DJ Debon as electro dj of the year ...
tips >> to add other vote, please add / devide with space.

the voting line is online from monday, march 10, 2008. cast your vote, and we'll meet you at the final awarding party of REDMA 2008 in April, soon to be announced. Rave On!

for further information, visit our website : WWW.REDMA.NET, WWW.RAVELEX.NET

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