Sunday, February 24, 2008

moving with changes

It’s kinda funny to see how people tripped into my kinda journey, and its turned mine into a bad trip.

Have you ever knowing people for quiet sometimes, and in any reasons they are totally different like they used to.. haha, I had some. I mean, I know everyone’s changing, but this is funny for the last few years, to see people that always making fun of you because something you are doing? but after times goes by, at the present time they also do what you were doing for the past few years. in fact, your are already slow down and classified as a laylower of all of it. Not to mention that they are more on-fire than you, lol.

No, it’s not about right and wrong.
No one’s right, neither one’s wrong.

There’s always a first time of everyone (groove, 2000)

It’s a mather of process.

Huhuhuhu, sorry I cant stand it, just don’t get me wrong by writing this! maybe it’s just the process that im learning (and im laughing at) quiet some changes in my society. I know exactly that life is about to move on, and changes its pace, so do other’s. I still remember what my friend said that “everything in this world is changing, the only thing dat constant is the changes itself”.

Yea, everything is moving on ..

The world’s change,
People’s change,
Music’s change,
Even drugs are changing ..

All we have to do just going out, and deal with it.
(renton, trainspotting 1996)

Ah fuck, maybe i’m just too drunk while writing this.

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